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Important Information

How our music school runs & all the information you need for lessons

Terms & Conditions

  • There is an initial interview between teacher, prospective student, and parent/guardian, where terms and conditions of lessons are explained. The student will then have a musical experience assessment.

  • For following lessons, parents are asked to wait outside once they have dropped their child off for their lesson. Children tend to not be so self-conscious, if they are not performing in front of their parents. This also enables the student and teacher to progress well with learning outcomes when there is less distraction in the room.

  • At Songlines Music Studio we teach during the Public School’s Term Calendar, so effectively we also have 4 Terms per year. This is convenient for most of our students and also allows them some much needed time with family and other activities over the school holidays.

  • Each term usually consists of a total of 10 Lessons. When you book a lesson time, you are making a commitment for the term for that slot.

  • All Lessons are to be paid in full by the start of term(first week), unless paying weekly and then we require the fee to be paid prior to the commencement of the lesson. Please send a screenshot of your payment to your teacher.

  • If you are unable to attend your lesson, please give 24 hrs notice, as someone else may be able to use that spot.

  • Missed lessons are to be paid for regardless of attendance, as it is a time we specifically set aside and factor into our timetable for you. If your teacher decides to make that lesson up, that is at their own discretion and according to the time they have available in their schedules.

  • Alternatively if the teacher cancels lessons due to unforeseen circumstances, they will make up that lesson at their discretion at a mutually agreed time.

  • In our experience we have found that weekly lessons of ½ an hour, provide the best learning outcomes for our junior students. The consistent approach of checking in at these intervals guarantee they are learning at a good pace and achieving their goals and outcomes. Of course everyone differs and we adapt as we go along.

  • Some Adult students may choose to attend lessons during the day and this allows more opportunities for ¾ hour and 1 hr lessons with our teachers. In this we are quite flexible.

  • Please ensure that all music books, folders and a USB drive are brought to lessons. Also water to hydrate.

  • We offer to record our lessons for students so they may get the most out of their lessons. We require permission for this so if your interested please inform us.

  • At Songlines Music Studio, when entering our wonderful space, we require all students, parents, guardians and siblings, to be considerate and respectful of the equipment, the teachers, and others in attendance. 

  • If you need to approach a teacher in regard to lessons or things pertaining to our studio please do so in writing in an e-mail to your teacher. We don’t encourage communication about our students in front of them or during changeover between lessons. That way we get the most out of lesson times and all things of concern can be covered and not missed or misconstrued.

Fees & Payments


We offer two payment terms and they are; 


1.Term fees paid in full by week 1 of the Term, and we send out invoices at the end of the previous term for your convenience.


or alternatively;


2.  Paid weekly prior to the commencement of your lesson. So paid in advance of your time slot.


We receive Cash and online payments for lessons. See your individual teacher for these details.


$38 for 30 min. Lesson, includes, Vocal, Theory, Drama and Piano

$50 for 45 min.Lesson for as above.

$65 for 1 Hour Adult lesson for as per above.


Please see your teacher for Account Details for Deposit of Fees.


We reserve the right to postpone lessons if lesson fees are not honoured at the agreed upon schedule. 


Cancellation Policy


All invoiced lessons are to be paid for. 

We do not refund or credit missed lessons

If unable to attend a lesson please give 24 hrs notice as we may be able to use that spot for another student

Please advise of cancellation via Text or e-mail in writing to your teacher.


By attending Songlines Music Studio you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. You have agreed to abide by our terms and conditions in regards to Fees, Cancellation Policy and Conduct.


Please feel free to contact us on any questions you should have regarding our rules and terms of our Studio via e-mail addresses provided.

Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment Information Requirements


Contact is made either via the e-mails provided on our website or the two phone numbers provided below. After a successful interview with an available teacher we are able to book an available time slot for the student. This is subject to the teachers schedule and availability..


Upon enrolment prospective students will be required to read our terms and conditions and agree to them.


We are then able to enrol the student individually with your available teacher.

We require the following:




Age/Date of Birth


Contact name and phone number of student or guardian/parent.


E-mail address of adult or older student to share information and newsletters


 Notification of learning disabilities(which will be discussed at interview and if we can assist)


A List of goals/purpose for student


A backup contact number for student for contact purposes.

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