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Our Music Teaching & Services

We offer a wide range of classes and private lessons that cater to all levels. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced singer, or just looking to brush up on your vocal skills, our professional team of voice teachers and singing teachers will help you reach your goals.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At Songlines Music Studio, we believe that music should be fun, accessible, and empowering. We offer a wide range of music lessons for all ages and levels, from singing lessons and vocal training to piano lessons, drama lessons, musicianship, musical theory, reading music, songwriting, using music for creative expression, and performance training. Our goal is to help you reach your musical goals and gain confidence in your musical abilities. Our experienced and passionate teachers are committed to providing you with the best music education experience possible. Join us today and start your musical journey with Songlines Music Studio.

What we teach

At Songlines Music Studio, we believe that music should be fun, accessible, and empowering. Our dedicated and experienced instructors are passionate about cultivating a love for music and nurturing the talents of each individual. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps or an advanced musician looking to refine your technique, our personalised approach ensures that you receive tailored guidance and support.


Our comprehensive curriculum covers various styles, music theory, sight-reading, and performance skills, allowing students to develop a well-rounded musical foundation. With a fully equiped music studio and a warm, inviting environment, Songlines Music Studio is the perfect place to embark on a fulfilling music education journey.


We offer a wide range of music lessons for all ages and levels:
  • Singing lessons and vocal training

  • Piano lessons,

  • Drama lessons,

  • Musicianship and musical theory,

  • Reading music and songwriting,

  • Using music for creative expression,

  • Performance training.

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Singing & Vocal Lessons

Our experienced vocal coaches are dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels develop confidence, technique, and expressiveness in their singing. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore your voice or an experienced vocalist aiming to enhance your skills, our personalized approach ensures that you receive individualized instruction tailored to your unique voice and goals. From vocal warm-ups and breath control to performance techniques and repertoire selection, our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of vocal training. Come join us at Songlines Music Studio and unlock the beauty and artistry of your voice.


We teach Classical, Folk, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Musical’s & Contemporary Genres.

We cater to all voices & all levels of learning. Our students may choose options to study exams through the AMEB Vocal Syllabus, compete in Eisteddfods and Singing competitions or just learn to sing for their own pleasure. 

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Piano Tuition

Learning to play the piano enhances cognitive abilities such as concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum focuses on teaching a well-rounded knowledge of reading music as well as technical piano skills. Additionally, we offer AMEB exam preparation for students interested in pursuing formal music certifications and assessments.


We nurture pianists of all levels and foster a lifelong appreciation for the piano. The sense of accomplishment and the joy of playing beautiful music on the piano is a lifelong gift that can be enjoyed in personal practice or shared with others through performances.

man learning to play piano with Adult Music Lessons at Songlines Music Studio

Adult Music Lessons

Learning music offers adults a chance to reconnect with their own creativity and tap into their innate musical abilities. Many adults may have had musical interests or experiences in their youth that they wish to revisit or develop further. Learning music as an adult allows them to reignite their passion for music and rediscover the joy of playing an instrument or singing.

"Hi, my name is Tony. I am a 55 year old man and I have some things to say about Songlines Music Studio. I started vocal coaching with Songlines after many years of neglecting my singing voice. Learning music at Songlines has given me the confidence to express my deep love of music, through public performances, eisteddfods, and exams. Being with the studio has provided me with consistency and purpose through some massive life challenges. I have also recently begun learning to play the piano, to use in my job as an early childhood teacher, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I would wholeheartedly recommend Songlines Music Studio to anyone of any age or gender, who wants to improve their singing, musical knowledge and boost their confidence in performing."

Tony Pike, Taree Local

Songlines Music Studio student dressed in costume at the Taree Eisteddfod.jpg

Drama & Theatre Performance

Speech and drama lessons with a focus on vocal techniques offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking to improve their communication skills, expressiveness, and overall vocal abilities. Students learn how to project their voice, articulate clearly, and use appropriate vocal tones, dynamics, and inflections to convey their message effectively. These skills are invaluable in public speaking, presentations, acting, and any situation where clear and confident communication is essential.

Through vocal exercises, students learn how to breathe properly, support their voice, and develop resonance, allowing them to speak or perform with clarity, power, and endurance. These techniques are crucial for maintaining vocal health and preventing strain or fatigue. Students learn to enunciate words and sounds accurately, enhancing their overall communication skills and ensuring their message is understood by others.

Speech and drama lessons often incorporate improvisation and role-playing exercises, which strengthen spontaneity, creativity, and adaptability. These skills are valuable in both personal and professional settings, enabling individuals to think on their feet, respond effectively to unexpected situations, and present their ideas with confidence and clarity.

Songlines Music Student learning to sing with Deirdre Sutherland accompanying on the piano

HSC, AMEB Exam & Eisteddfod preparation

Our music teachers provide guidance on specific exam pieces, technical exercises, sight-reading, aural tests, and music theory components. We ensure that students are well-prepared and aware of the specific skills and knowledge required to succeed in exams and performances. We tailor instruction to the individual student's strengths and areas for improvement, assess the student's current level, identify weaknesses, and design a personalised study plan to address those areas effectively. Everything you need to ace your music exams!


Our program encompasses stagecraft, working with an accompanist along with their vocal preparation, technique and genre changes. We simulate exam-like conditions during practice sessions, helping students become comfortable with the pressure and time constraints of the actual exam.

Songlines Music Studio students playing songs they wrote on their guitars at the taree sch

Music Theory & Musicianship

Learning music theory and receiving formal musicianship education provide numerous benefits for aspiring musicians. Understanding music theory equips musicians with a deeper knowledge and comprehension of the inner workings of music. It enables them to analyze and interpret musical compositions, recognize patterns, and make informed musical choices. This knowledge enhances their overall musicianship and creativity. Formal musicianship education also helps develop a strong foundation in reading and interpreting sheet music. It enables musicians to understand musical symbols, notation, rhythm, and harmony, allowing them to accurately reproduce music and collaborate effectively with other musicians.

Our Music theory and Musicianship lessons help students trying to gain entry to tertiary education and certifications in Music Degree Courses and Conservatoriums.

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